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Design and Architecture

Every great idea has to have a blueprint in order to come to fruition. Do you have a concept on how to improve your business processes, but not sure how to implement it? Let us lend our knowledge regarding industry best practices, and our years of experience in working on all phases of inventory, logistics, financial, retail, ERP, and CRM applications. Scalability, reliability, and extensibility are the cornerstones of our design process. Our clients run our software for years with little or no modification. It is possible to escape the constant cycle of hardware and software upgrades. Let us show you how.


Development is where inspiration and perspiration collide, and it's where we excel. Whether your need is for a proof-of-concept, pilot system, or production-level application, we have the tools do get it done. We can develop solutions tailor-made to fit your needs, including technology based upon:

  • Windows
  • Internet-based
  • Embedded Devices
  • Mobile Devices (Windows-based and/or Palm) and RF Networks

  • It doesn't matter if your needs are simple or complex. If you need a corporate intranet, a partner extranet, back office system, or integration with an existing system, or something else entirely, we can make it happen.


    Our expertise is in planning, creating and implementing B2B and B2C applications for Windows and the Web. Just because we've developed a product doesn't mean our work is done. We have practical experience in deploying applications across the entire enterprise - even when that enterprise is multi-national! We know how to leverage I.T. infrastructure to make sure you get the most from your systems.


    We understand that sometimes getting new life out of old systems is better than building a new system. Existing systems are no problem for us. Whether it's an off-the-shelf system or a proprietary enterprise management system, we can complement and even enhance its capabilities. We've worked with mainframes, pre-PC technology and other systems just too bizarre to mention. The simple fact is, when systems work, nobody wants to change them - so we use our expertise to find ways to compliment our client's core technologies.


    We don't stop at delivery. We support every system we build and/or recommend on a 24x7x365 basis. It's part of our philosophy. When you choose Jeremiah Software, you'll never be left holding the bag. Our clients put their trust in us to manage their business-critical systems, and we acknowledge that it is an awesome responsibility which we treat with the utmost respect.